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Build Wealth by Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate

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How It Works

About Everstar Capital

Our company was created to bring exciting financial growth opportunities to our investors through real estate investment. 

Further, it is our goal to inform and educate the community and our potential investors about the importance of diversifying financial portfolios.

In addition to producing attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we strive to enhance the life of every tenant, team member, and individual that comes in contact with our business.

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Discover the Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Cash Flow

Rent minus expenses equals cash flow. Collect more rent each month to outweigh expenses and become cash flow positive.


With a low correlation to other major asset classes, spreading risk across multiple asset classes reduces volatility.

Tax Breaks

Write off a part of your property’s value each year to offset your tax liability for income & capital gains earned as an investor.

Why Invest in the Multi-Family Asset Class?

Strong Returns

Multi-family provides highest average annual total returns in CRE.

Steady Demand

Multi-family demand projected to increase by 11.6% between 2020–2030.

Lower Risk

Rental income comes from a diversified pool of tenants.

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