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Photo of Darsh Makim, Founding Partner of Everstar Capital

Darsh Makim

Founding Partner

Darsh Makim is the Co-founder of Everstar Capital.

Prior to starting Everstar, Darsh started multiple ventures, which have led to acquisitions, mergers and several successful exits. He is also the Co-founder and President of PointOak Retirement Advisors, a securities business, where he currently advises on over $200,000,000 of Corporate Retirement Plan Assets.

Darsh started his career working for 3 of the Fortune 500 Companies, and currently holds several licenses, including the Series 66, 63, and 24. He also holds a Life Insurance License and a Virginia Real Estate Salesperson License.

Darsh enjoys playing golf, basketball, traveling and spending time with his friends and family.

E:  dmakim@everstarcapital.com
T:  +1 202-577-9535
Photo of Miten Shah, Founding Partner of Everstar Capital

Miten Shah

Founding Partner

Miten Shah was born and raised in Cleveland. He attended Cornell University, then the UNC School of Law. After law school, Miten became a litigator at a top law firm in Washington D.C.

Miten then went on to start a legal search firm that operates nationally. An entrepreneur by nature, he understands the intricacies of running a business and building fruitful relationships.

He is an investor in several real estate syndications and private placements.

Miten enjoys traveling and watching Cleveland sports.

E:  mshah@everstarcapital.com
T:  +1 440-554-0072
Photo of Darsh Makim and Miten Shah, Founders of Everstar Capital.

About Everstar Capital

Our company was created to bring exciting financial growth opportunities to our investors through real estate investment. 

Further, it is our goal to inform and educate the community and our potential investors about the importance of diversifying financial portfolios.

In addition to producing attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we strive to enhance the life of every tenant, team member, and individual that comes in contact with our business.

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